July 27, 2022USC Radio Group Names Public Broadcasting Executive as Its New PresidentJames A. Muhammad will oversee Classical California, the No. 1 classical music radio station network in the nation, which operates KUSC-FM in Los Angeles and KDFC-FM in San Francisco.May 05, 2022Classical Woman of the Year Lara Downes seeks to engage new audiencesRecently named Performance Today’s 2022 Classical Woman of the Year, Sacramento pianist Lara Downes continues to wield her significant influence in the ever-changing classical music landscape by working as a producer, curator, storyteller, and arts advocate in addition to having a world-class performance career.April 29, 2022Classical ambassador: Pianist and radio host Lara Downes is on a mission to celebrate Black composersEach weeknight from 8 p.m. to midnight, Lara Downes hosts a program that can be heard in the Bay Area on 90.3 FM KDFC, in Southern California on KUSC and online from anywhere in the world. “Evening Music with Lara Downes” debuted just over a year ago, and Downes has been using her platform to expose listeners accustomed to the standard classical fare — concertos and sonatas by mostly white, male and European composers — to more pieces by women and people of color.April 25, 2022New Branding, Expanded Focus for KDFC/KUSCJudy McAlpine politely demurs when asked to predict how people will be listening to music in 20 years. Will radio still be a thing? Will streaming have taken over? Or could we be transitioning to a still-newer technology? It’s impossible to predict.April 18, 2022USC Radio Group Launches Expanded Digital PresenceSouth Park-based classical music radio station network USC Radio Group announced April 6 the launch of Classical California, an umbrella brand under which KUSC Los Angeles and KDFC San Francisco will consolidate existing programs and collaborate to bring additional offerings to listeners.March 29, 2022Classical stations see audience, fundraising successes as listeners seek refuge during pandemicLike many stations, public radio’s classical outlets saw audience declines during the pandemic as people spent more time at home and less time in their cars. But by emphasizing long-held values of classical radio — to be soothing, to clear the mind, to remind people of aesthetic beauty — stations rose to the occasion to provide refuge from a world that felt scary and uncertain.